Yacht Valeting & Detailing

Mr.Buff will give your Yacht the super clean that it needs to get that showroom look. A thorough wash-down, disinfection and steam clean of every single surface on board, from the bulkheads and the ceilings right down to the smallest of air conditioning vents will be completed to the highest of standards. Each yacht is different and unique and some have specific requirements based on size, condition and function. Mr.Buff has the perfect materials and cleaning products to achieve the best results possible for your boat, maximising its lustre and appearance. A detail clean will often involve the thorough cleaning and storage/rearrangement of items on board to optimize the minimal on-board storage space. During detailing, all items are typically inventoried.

Mr.Buffs Six Steps

  • Eliminate all dust – Using a vacuum cleaner or dust vac to remove any and all dust from the ceilings, bulkheads, partitions, windows, floors, furniture and beyond. Not forgetting the tops of the doors!
  • Wipe down all surfaces – Once vacuuming has been completed, it is then repeated using a damp cloth and vinegar solution, depending on the type of décor or surface, collecting any remaining dust and to refresh the surfaces.
  • Getting down to the finer detailing – This includes cleaning even the smallest of interior details, such as the grooves in the joinery, handles, screws, switches and fastenings.
  • Getting under the floorboards – Stagnant water and grime can collect in the bilges. This is not just for good housekeeping purposes but also for additional storage space.
  • Restocking the yacht – Making sure possessions are put back in their rightful places.
  • Final checks – Double checking over every area that has been cleaned to give you a satisfactory service.

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