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Mr Buff Detailing

I started Mr Buff Valet and Detailing in 2017 but have been doing it personally for friends and family for the last 10 years.

I pride myself on being my own boss and that way, I can guarantee a perfect job every time.

Mr Buff is different because I only use the best products, I take time and care and I have a high attention to detail. I ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

All my products are safe and PH natural, free from acid and any other harmful chemicals ensuring your vehicle’s paintwork is prolonged.

The products and machines I use are some of the best on the market so you know, whether you have a Porsche or a Prius, you’re in safe hands.

I have a dedicated area to conduct any type of detailing or valeting in Plympton.


Dedicated area to conduct any type of
detailing or valeting in Plympton

High quality


Best products

Experienced & Trained


Gated compound

Eco hand wash

Modern equipments

State of the art detailing studio

24h Monitoring

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