For Vehicles


FEYNLAB™ Detailer is unlike anything currently on the market. It leaves an ultra-slick, extremely glossy and hydrophobic surface. It is water-based and silicone free, and is by far the most sophisticated “Detailer”.

Leather Treatment

Ceramified leather treatment, durable and long lasting leather conditioning.

Ceramic Lite

Ceramic Lite is the “original” and most proven paint protection system. It has been applied to over 60,000 cars (as of Dec. 2016) under various private labels. It is extremely durable, glossy and hydrophobic. It is also the easiest Ceramic coating to apply.


Polymeric cleaner that removes embedded grime from all vehicle surfaces, glass, paint, metal and plastic. Works almost like a liquid clay bar while leaving a noticeably glossy finish. Can be used as a general car cleaner (maintenance) or as the first step in preparation to compounding or polishing.


The ultimate “sealant”, it combines everything we’ve learnt from the ceramic and glass coatings; it is hard, shiny, a UV protector (through absorption and scattering the UV rays) and is very hydrophobic. It is compatible on Perspex, some plastics, and is a great topcoat for the PLASTIC Coating.

For Marine


A true UV protector, it is the equivalent of a Ceramic coating but has been designed to work with the harsher environments found in the sunniest parts of the world.

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